A dynamic, elastically scalable WebAssembly Host Runtime for securely granting access to capabilities

Connect your functions and services to the cloud, to IoT devices, or anything else.


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waSCA, WebAssembly Secure Capabilities Adapter, is a WebAssembly host runtime that dynamically and securely binds WebAssembly modules to capability providers. These provider plug-ins provide abstractions around and connectivity to cloud-native services—message brokers, databases, HTTP—or they can expose special-purpose capabilities like IoT, embedded hardware, and more.

WebAssembly is taking the web by storm, but we believe that WebAssembly truly shines in the cloud. waSCA is designed around the following core tenets:

  • Productivity - Developer and Operations
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Cost Savings
  • Portability
  • Performance

waSCA is built upon a set of standards and conventions that attempt to fill the void for cloud-native Wasm module host environments. Using this host runtime, you can host WebAssembly modules as standalone processes on a laptop, as on-demand functions in a serverless environment, as always-available microservices, or treat .wasm files like firmware on Raspberry Pis and embedded devices.


waSCA Technology Demos

Check out the following demonstrations to see waSCA in action and see what people are building on top of the waSCA framework:

  • Stack Trader - a real-time, online multiplayer space simulation where players mine asteroids for sellable resources.

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